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Seed Sprouting

No right or wrong answer here, let's all talk about how we like to germinate seeds.

I personally like to add 1 tsp 3% H202 to a cup of ro/distilled water. Don't worry about adding to much water they just need enough to swim, once they begin to crack within 24-48 hours, keep an eye on it and then using a clean tablespoon I'll scoop the seeds from water and transplant into a already pre moistened soil mixture, preferable something with a little peat moss so it doesn't dry back as fast as other medias.

Place under a light at 20 hours of light and 4 hours dark.

Preferably a lower par light. LED/T5s work great!

Always use clean sanitary utensils/and plan ahead seeds take an extra week or two to get going compared to clones/cuttings.

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